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Different People from Different Places Doing the Same Thing
INTEC LW was officially established in 2006 and its operation was originated from Forever Sunshine Life Enterprise which established in 1994. The fundamental was defined right at the outset by these three founders who come from different places but together they are having a same concept of helping people to regain their health.
Prof. Wang Kai-Hua
Prof. Wang Kai-Hua was graduated from Beijing Medical University in 1954 and she was a medical professor in Shandong University, the chairwoman of Cancer Research Center, and also a medical professor and chairwoman of Xiamen Cancer Research Center in 1960~1988. 1990, for the sake of being devoted to research in cytology, immunology, and oncology as well as researching and developing various types of medicine and health supplements, Prof. Wang Kai-Hua left from China to the United States for establishing the BIONIKE, INC. which certified by FDA and the registration number is 2952284. For the past 50 years of sedulously and painstakingly research, Prof. Wang Kai-Hua’s firmly belief that “With the God’s blessing, I try to research and develop more products which can help them towards optimal health.”
The Achievements of Dr. Wang Kai-Hua
1954 Graduated from Beijing Medical University
1957~1959 Researched and developed biochemical hepatitis and cytochemical tests.
1958~1974 Participated in the study of the insulin synthesis.
1972 Involved in tumor-associated antigen and skin test for cancer and discovered Calmodulin.
1974~1980 Involved in clinical treatment research & development of cell genes, thymus gland hormones, interleukin-2, interferon, and tumor necrosis factors.
1982 A medical professor in Medical Faculty, Xiamen University and the chairperson of Cancer Research Center.
1984 On behalf of China to participate in the 12th ICACT International Congress on Anti Cancer Treatment.
1985 On behalf of China to participate in the 5th Annual Meeting of DNA Research.
1986 On behalf of China to participate in the 14th International Tumor Conference.
1989 Established InTec Products, Inc
  Established Bionike Laboratories in United States for development of biotech research and medical production, and certificated by the U.S FDA.
  Research & development of pregnancy test reagent.
  Research & development of poison test reagents (amphetamine, hemp, cocaine, Barbiturate, methadone, morphine and so on.)
  Research & development of synthesis of insulin, test reagents and instrument on diabetes.
  Research & development of an effective nervous system reagent.
  Inventor of Cu-Zn SOD (hSOD1) gene vector and the complementary nucleotide cDNA (materials required for bio-chips).
  Research & Development of AIDS, SARS, Clenbuterol test reagents, and so on.
Frank Lu
Frank Lu is the son of Prof. Wang Kai-Hua as well as the incharge person of InTec Products, Inc. In year 1989 the company founded by Professor Wang and then led by Frank. InTec Products, Inc. has always been professional in vitro diagnostic reagents. As a pioneer in the field of biotechnology Frank Lu is committed to provide the medical diagnostic products and high quality services for improving the human health.
Mr. Hung Te-Li
Mr. Hung Te-Li, who grew up in the rural households in Taiwan, graduated from University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and ever since has started his career at the sophisticated medical examinations in the medical care community. He has always tried to pass on to the many people the wise saying: “Prevention is better than cure”. Over these many years, with Mr. Hung Te-Li’s beliefs that “Without health there is no future; without health there is no happiness”, he has devoted himself to the field of both preventive care and medical care.
Fate bring us meet together
In the winter of 1999, Mr. Hung Te-Li and Frank met in Quan-Xin Technology Co., Limited in Taiwan via an introduction of friend. After three hours of communication, Frank decided to hand over Prof. Wang Kai-Hua’s inventions to Mr. Hung Te-Li for popularizing the products over Taiwan. This was also the year of CAM officially published by Forever Sunshine Life Enterprise.
Integrity & Trust to Start a Brand-New Life
Since officially became an agent of the products that researched & developed in Bionike Laboratories Inc. which led by Dr. Wang Kai-Hua, we had enhanced the values of development and trade marketing with the mutual integrity and trust. Fortunately, Forever Sunshine Life Enterprise had not only operated its organization’s marketing networks successfully but it also had popularized a series of “Inner-Health Life” products countrywide.
Our annual business volume in 2002 exceeded NT 150 million; in 2003 exceeded NT 300 million by 100% growth; in 2004 reached over NT 600 million by the same growing percentage; in 2005 the business volume amazingly reached up to 800 million and honorably attained top 15 multi-level marketing company in Taiwan; in 2006 officially became a member of the Taiwan R.O.C. Direct Selling Association (DSA), and at the same time, LIFE & WELLNESS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (LWI) was established by the Frank’s team and Mr. Hung Te-LI in Hong Kong. In order to expand more branches of LWI, INTEC LW Ltd. was officially established, and Forever Sunshine Life Enterprise co. Ltd changed the name into INTEC LW Limited Taiwan Branch. Since then, it has moved INTEC LW fused of research & development and trade marketing towards a new era.
Grow with Stability towards Global Business
In 2006 INTEC LW Limited Taiwan Branch successfully established itself as a multi-level marketing business. With the stable career development, LWI decided to expand the business to Malaysia. Malaysia, our first step towards multinational, therefore, PGRM tower in Kuala Lumpur was selected and bought for the business base. This is to show the determination of sustainable development, which has gained many recognitions and supports from our business partners in Malaysia. Moreover, our annual turnover in 2007 reached RM14 million; in 2008 our business volume breakthrough RM20 million, and the growth performance is 40%. The growing performance has indicated that we are success for the first step of INTEC LW towards a multinational era.
INTEC LW Towards Globalization
Based on our competitive advantages, INTEC LW accelerates its business towards international expansion. We are recruiting partners who are eager to have international business, and we work together to achieve our dream.
Plans of Our Development
Principle: 1+1 Plans
Short-term Goals: The short-term goals of the development plan are divided into two ways. One of the ways is starting from Taiwan to the China market and further development of the markets in Korea & Japan. The other way is starting from Malaysia to the market in South-East Asia.
Medium and Long-term Goals: The medium and long-term goals of the development plan are from America which base in the country of our research & development laboratory and further development of Canada and Mexico and then extending to the Europe market.
INTEC LW has firmly convinced that our business will rapidity and stability grow in the next 5 to 10 years. We are sincere to invite people to go aboard the Ship of INTEC LW sailings worldwide.